Shades of Humanity

Everyone is a different color. There are the reds and blues and the deemed “normal colors”. Then there are also the more rare colors such as gold and silver. There are also the very specific colors such as cerulean blue and vermillion. Of course everyone is a color. You may not notice it or see it, but they’re colors. Each person is their own special color. We’re all unique.

Me? I used to be a pastel. And then I became a cerulean blue. Now? I’m hoping to evolve into Arctic Silver. Maybe it is some strange token that has taken ahold of my mind and decided to plant an inception.

But I want to be a silver. It is not only because I love the color silver. It is because I adore how light and shining silver is. Blue slouches in the back, moody and full of swings. But Silver is something inspiring. And I want to be like that.

But everyone wants to be like that, don’t they?

“The world is not a wish-granting factory.” -The Fault in Our Stars, my adored book of the moment


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