Lotus Dreamer

Her eyes fluttered open like those iridescent butterflies that flew among her dreams. They were of all colors: pinks, blues, vanillas, and lavenders of all kind. They waved hello and goodbye every few moments, weaving in and out as quickly as she saw them.

The clouds drifted softly above her. She tried to open her mouth, only to find her mouth was shut tightly from disuse for a peaceful era. Her sniffled a few times, clearing her sinuses to breathe easier.

The air around her existed as if only for her. It touched her, swirling around, and pulling small locks of hair up in the playful fashion of a puppy too young enough to know hardship. It breathed against her pale skin, soft as a flower’s scent.

The clouds above her drowsily meandered in a confused swirling. It pushed past her, the occasional cloud directly above her casting a shadow on her lithe body.

With a happy exhale, she turned to pluck another flower from the field. Lotuses, she noted. She was feeling drowsy already. After another breath, she fell asleep, sailing the sea of conciousness to the mystical land of the lotus dreams.

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