The Problem with Friendship

Dear Acquaintance,

I’m too sensitive. It’s much easier to keep people away at distance and acquire little to no acquaintanceship, but with friendship it seems that I am always left alone in the end.

The problem with friendship is that whenever someone says something out of the ordinary or anything even close to strange, I get paranoid. Anyone even remarks that I’m different in any way? I start to feel sad.

I’m trying to let everything go and develop a “thick skin”. But I guess it only works for some people. Others, those sensitive ones, have so much trouble accepting things. I turn your words over and over in my thoughts, trying to understand why you would want to hurt me this way.

Another example of your hobby is exclusion. I’m sure everyone feels bad if they’re excluded. Why am I the one you always pick on? I’m sure your negative energy can be directed towards something different. But definitely not me. And, if you feel that it’s okay to pick on me, I want to know what I did wrong so I can correct it.

It’s gone on for much too long. I’m sick of being harassed, and I will not tolerate it again.

I’m a coward, and this is my indirect way of standing up to you. At least I have the decency not to mutter angry things under my breath towards others.

And no matter how much I try, no matter how much I try and make you understand–you never do. And I sincerely hope one day you will.




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