Crystal Caves

The innumerable caves were twisting, turning passages never ended. Perhaps it was a maze. She kept walking, shuffling through the misty clouds that swirled around her feet. They felt nothing like mist. It looked like an almost liquid mixture of powdered snow and the fluff of the bunny rabbit she had encountered a few passages ago. As she looked down at the ground, it morphed into shapes. There was a butterfly fluttering through some trees, music notes drifting around a small box, a faintly pink pegasus taking flight, and many more shapes. As quickly as she watched them, they changed again.

Her head turned to see another cave. This one was new. A faint, shimmering gold dust patterned the clouds in an almost uniform shape. Silently, she drifted over the clouds, answering the golden dust’s call.

After what felt like a small infinity, a new cave opened to reveal a large ship. It was made of the same cloud stuff that tickled her feet. Without a second thought, she jumped, the soft wind carrying her up to the ship deck as if she had wings.

The ship unfurled its sails in one motion much like a robin unfurling wings, and they set sail.

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