Crown of Flowers

She alighted upon a small nest, a small haven. The clouds drifted overhead like snowflakes that refused to melt. They just piled up over each other and created huge masterpieces of fluff. Her blue eyes lit upon the nest. The nest was compiled of many little tunnels twined within each other, next to each other, and like a bunch of string knotted together.

She peered into one. She glimpsed a small world behind a glass door. A tiny knob, gold and warm, turned. The door swung open.

A forest was revealed. The girl ducked into the entryway and walked into the forest. The trees seemed to part as if they knew she was there. She walked down the path of trees shying away from her flowing gossamer gown and curls tumbling down her shoulders. With every step she took, another flower grew from a wreath that had been placed on her head during her trip to the nest. Soon, a crown of flowers bathed her in a soft fragrance that made her sleepy.

She fell asleep to the fragrant smell.

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