The Leopard’s Castle

Snow blew around her in gusts akin to a dragon’s breath. The puffs stroked her pale skin, cooling it. The snow tangoed with her hair, twining to make a nest over the rumpled hair. There were strange indents in the hair as if someone had placed a wreath upon it. The snow was not cold, she noticed. It just felt soft, softer than the white gossamer clock laid upon her shoulders. Her eyes darted around, searching for something.

Then it came. Fluffy yet majestic, warm blooded yet snow-ridden, it was a paradox. The snow leopard, with it’s seeing eyes, padded on towards her. He raised his tail and swept it in one elegant movement.

The girl followed him to his castle, eyes watchful in the storm. His paws left no tracks in the snow, and neither did her feet. Then floated a hair’s width above the ground. The snow swirled underneath her feet, tickling her.

The snow leopard walked for an infinity. They never got tired nor hungry nor thirsty. They just kept walking through the storm. Too soon they came upon a mountain, and the leopard climbed. The girl found that if she jumped, she floated as if there were much less gravity in this sphere of a world.

They jumped and climbed into the clouds until a golden door emerged. The leopard stood by the huge gate of gold and gave her a look. The girl walked into the bright light.

14 thoughts on “The Leopard’s Castle

  1. Makes me think a little of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. I like the descriptions – colorful without being overburdened.

    • Thank you for always stopping by here! 🙂
      Yes, I’ve been contemplating writing a short story, but I find myself very busy during the schoolyear and do not have time. During vacation, I’m planning to start one!

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