I never realized how sad and anxious a hate poem addressed to you can make you feel.

I personally find it disgusting that someone is willing to write a hate poem and only show it in private. It’s a vulgar act, especially when they proceed to swear at you after and call you a “bitch” and to “rot in hell” and other words like that when they have never even seen me face-to-face. The problem with this particular “hater girl”, as I have deemed her, is that she is simply not mature enough to understand life. The key is that she thinks she does and though she claims she is “not perfect” she believes her every action justified and right by all means.

But applying Kantian ethics to this situation, where would this end?

1. Can you will a world when, whenever someone is mad, they write a hate poem to a person and send it to them privately?

2. Would you want to live in that world?

3. Would this respect the receiver of the poem? As in “use others are an end in themselves, not as means to an end.” This would defect against this question because the writer would be using the receiver as an outlet for anger.

People underestimate how emotional something delivered by the computer screen can be.

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