There are times when I adore being an INFJ because I feel “special” and “unique”. Who doesn’t want that?

Then there are times when I realize because of this stupid “unique”-ness that I will never really be understood and never really be exactly like everyone else. That I’m weird. And that sometimes I think I’m too weird to be loved. And those are the times that make me sad the most.

6 thoughts on “INFJ

  1. If you’re too weird to be loved, what does that make me? OI think I surpass you in the weirdness department dear. Besides, that’s not true! I love you in a totally non-awkward way! 🙂 And between you and me, it’s always more fun to be the weird one!

    • Oh you silly girl, you (: You never fail to cheer me up! And true, it is fun to be different, but over-all it feels kind of tiring always trying to be. Not just being. You know?

  2. Thanks sweetie! 😀 I don’t think I ever noticed TRYING to be different. It just comes naturally to me. 😉 But i do know what you mean.

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