Freaky INFJ thing going on

A list of things that have happened today in chronological order:

1. My INTJ friend gave me a hug today. I think it’s because I sent her some funny pictures last night. I don’t usually get hugs in the morning and when I am sick, so it makes me feel really glad. And weirdly enough, my INFJ self thinks I have a reason for why I got a hug. Oh, inner intuition, please tell me the secrets of the world! But, I do have something I would like to say to her, but I can’t say it in public. I’d like to respect her privacy. So, if you’re reading this–I have to tell you something, C!

2. Someone who is at the center of attention and very… um, confusing to describe–popular (maybe? I can’t tell) initiated conversation with me today. They seem really genuine, but being me, I blundered while trying to figure out how to respond to make him feel more at ease while talking, got very confused and started rambling on random details about myself. Some freaky INFJ stuff going on, since I don’t really know him but tried to force the conversation on him. Although, what I said was ramble-esque, it didn’t really talk about myself. Nice going, Arctic!!!! Incidentally during our conversation he brought up the vocabulary and whether I had studied it yet. Being the little goody-two-shoes I am, I had studied it. He told me he had not. This comes up later in my day, I promise!

3. I remembered my dream from last night. I was extremely long, though not quite as long as my dream of the Tom Sawyer cave with medieval kings traversing through it. The dream last night involved helping a little girl from my camp in my school’s library to track down these older kids. And that was only one part of many sequences.

4.  I argued with someone in ethics class. It was amazing, because that was probably the most I’ve talked in class all term. I got very confused at the Dalai Lama’s quote “Our desire for objects–perhaps a new car–is enhanced by our turning it over and over in our imagination.” I disagreed with it. My partner in class, an acquaintance of the male specimen, was trying to disprove me. But I feel like every time as he noticed a new argument springing up, I realized the full-fledged argument before he could flesh it out. Then I proceeded to smash the argument down before he could even think through it. (Weird INFJ thing going on, when I thought about it later) Then when he started shouting after getting angry, our teacher’s attention as well as the whole class’s attention was shifted to our conversation. Later, the teacher asked me what I thought the male acquaintance’s argument was. I responded, simply, “He is confused.” The whole class burst out laughing, and I am still confused as to why. He was confused, nothing more and nothing less.

6. Bet you didn’t notice my fifth thing went missing.

7. I spoke in English class today and my teacher noticed. We were doing a vocabulary game and the male from part 2 of this increasingly long list was in my class. Incidentally we were put into the same group and I was forced to speak up for the vocabulary game. They kept telling me to shout out the answer, but I disapprove of shouting in classroom circumstances. I like to keep things in harmony and try not to disturb the classroom adjacent to ours’s learning.

8. That is an incredibly detailed account of my day for now. I believe I will start doing daily shout-outs. I think that it would be remarkably sweet for someone to read it on a bad day.



16 thoughts on “Freaky INFJ thing going on

  1. You were talking about the Dalai Lama quote! And I think that everyone laughed at your comment in class because they believed you were blatantly saying he was wrong and you were right without leaving room for more argument. His expression probably made it funnier too. (He probably looked frustrated)
    P.S. You don’t need a reason to hug someone! 🙂

  2. Interesting dream there… I had a dream last night that I dropped a baby down a flight of stairs, but caught her like a ninja before she was hurt. Anyway, you should be confident in speaking up in class! I bet you’re really smart, and you’d have great things to contribute!

    • Yep, it was definitely interesting–and wow! Great catch! (: I’m glad you caught her.
      I kind of wish I was, but I just have so much trouble with the group discussions with the people in my English class. They’ll make sexual references that I don’t understand (as told to me by my friend) and escalate things, kind of leaving me and my friend out.

      • Yeah, I used to feel like that, then I became friends with some people who made a lot of jokes like that and I understand them pretty well now! But really it’s not a big deal. Discussions in English class probably shouldn’t be centered around that anyway unless you’re reading a romantic novel or something!

      • That’s good to hear. I’ll go hunt around for some of those people (:
        I know! But somehow someone mentions something pertaining to sex and then the whole class is in cahoots. I kind of try to make myself small in my chair and make them try to think I’m part of the beige wall. Also, their analyzing of the text just infuriates me sometimes. Some poems just can’t be analyzed. They are what they are–they’re not meant to be dissected!

      • Yeah, some people can be immature like that, but sometimes life is so much funnier if you have a somewhat dirty mind!
        I agree that some poems shouldn’t be analyzed, but actually studying poetry in school has helped me to write my own poetry and develop a more advanced style.

      • Maybe 🙂 But I’m very slow at it though I do have those moments where I completely understand and even venture to try a joke of that kind.
        Hmmmm… you do have a point there! 😀 I just think there are some poems where it’s just supposed to be read and be beautiful, not be dissected because it is beautiful.

  3. I don’t remember most of the last really long dream I had, but I think it involved riding on a red bike, brick houses, buildings being destroyed, a war, someone trapped forever, a furniture store and I think I had a diabetic newborn baby. o3o

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