Fake, Corruption

I wish you would stop being fooled by her. She is fake and will forever be that way.

And then she accuses me of being fake and essentially ditches people. You are currently deceived by her dry wit.

Why is the world such a corrupted place?

Why don’t I just list 13 people who have done me wrong? For privacy reasons, I do not their name, instead giving them a little “pet name”.

1. My Mom

2. My Dad

3. My older brother

4. My younger brother

5. Sassy/The Greatest Pretender I have EVER met/Dances with Wolves (which incidentally is a pseudonym for her earlier self)

6. Sparrow

7. girl-who-has-no-perception-of-life-and-thinks-drugs-are-now-okay

8. someone who showed her true colors after they got “popular” in middle school

9. girl-who-WAS-my-best-friend-in-elementary-school

10. Sweety-poo (who, incidentally, wrote me a hate poem and thinks of a cat forum as regular life)

11. Captain Falcon (Who I totally forgive)

12. My Aunt

13. That one boy who traumatized me by ambushing me outside of a bathroom

24 thoughts on “Fake, Corruption

  1. Number 13 🙂 Arctic, you know that despite the world being corrupted there are some things that will be constant. You have your friends now and we will always be there for you. Love you sweetie!

    • Agreed. Mudderling, there will always be people who wrong you; there will always be people who treat you unfairly. That’s just life. Life is cold and hard and has no mercy for anyone. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying. We’ve all been betrayed or abandoned before – like I knew a girl who was all nice and pretty and smiles, then she teased me, insulted me, teased me about my diabetes which is in the top three things I don’t forgive, and was an overall jerk to me. Sometimes people don’t mean to hurt you, and sometimes when they do, they’ll regret it later – I know because I’ve been the person who hurt the other in both of those situations and I wish with all my heart I could tell them I’m sorry. Sadly, sometimes that’s not the case. I rambled off a bit.
      But anyway, my point is that while there are people who aren’t good to you, everyone has strengths and flaws, and sometimes we have to focus on the strengths to help fix the flaws. Focus on your own strengths – and you have a lot of them – and keep trying. It might not get better. The pain might not go away. But it might, and that’s why we have to keep on living our unhappy lives and learn to let things go, even though it’s hard and you shouldn’t be the one who’s hurting because someone else is making huge mistakes – it should be them, and one day it will be. I don’t really even know what I’m trying to say. Just, Mud, you’re wonderful; never forget that. Love you ❤

      • Well, maybe you should dig a bit deeper down the surface instead. Thanks for your poem. I went into the fanfiction place today and clicked it. At least say it to my face instead of showing the whole world she did? You’re really no better than them. I’m disappointed in you.

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