Wreathed Sea-girls

With pearls wreathed in their flowing hair, the sea-girls lightly stepped through the water as if it were a cool turquoise silk. They were chattering excitedly over a small book. Thankfully it had been saved before the water drenched it. The prince, who had incidentally been swimming near the Break, had found it. He had used the new salve his assistant concocted that worked much better than the old seaweed extracts that had been very delicate.

The sea-girls flipped through the pages of the book, pointing and exclaiming over the inaccuracies of the drab humans.

“Oh, how silly!” one girl chortled. “Look at those tails!” She gestured frantically towards the yellowed page. The girl tossed a mane of thick, black hair over her shoulder. On the page was a depiction of a girl with blazing red hair and a… tail instead of feet!

“Really, where do they get these ideas?” another snorted. A few other chimed in.

One, with dark brown hair and coral lips, snuck a peek at their legs. They were perfectly normal–the same as the humans.ย Perhaps Janette ventured too far up during midnight. It would have been hard to see,ย Evelyn mused. Janette had been wearing the dress with a V-shaped bottom. That could have looked like a tail if she had went above the Break. Her eyes, sharp and intelligent, found Janette’s. The sea-girl blushed deeply, deep enough to match her dark auburn hair.

“Janette, you did not go to the Break did you?” Evelyn asked.

Janette opened her mouth.

6 thoughts on “Wreathed Sea-girls

  1. I love this! How did you come up with this idea of mermaids, Arctic? It’s a really cool idea! Have i ever told you that you were going to be a famous writer one day? I know I hsve mentioned editor or english teacher, but… ๐Ÿ™‚

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