Around a decade ago, I saw my cousin play piano and wanted to play it too. It was a little kid kind of thing, you know, one of those “oh, someone is doing something I can’t do–I want to do that too!”

My parents bought me this old, used piano. A few years later they bought me a completely new piano. It was beautiful. My parents even had the piano tuner come to our house once a year. I could hear a note and automatically know what it was.

Now? I’m just a broken soul, blindly looking around for something. To tell you a secret, I’ve been scared of playing since my younger brother pushed a lamp onto the piano while I was playing because my playing was interfering with his ability to watch a television program. Glass spilled onto onto me, but it cut the piano. Chips of glass and wood flew down onto the cool wooden floor.

Needless to say, I was traumatized.

But before that, when I was still playing, every season we would have a recital. My recital piece was dramatic and bursting with quirky notes. I made no mistakes, and it was almost surreal. I didn’t even feel nervous when going up to play on the stage.

A week later during my weekly piano lesson, my teacher told me that I inspired a girl to play the same piece. I was confused at the time but also flattered. It was a wonderful feeling, being able to help someone find inspiration. I guess I felt a small piece of stardom.

But now, with these piano scars holding me back, I’m no longer that girl who helps others find their way on with the piano, but a small creature left behind in the shadows.

10 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. Arctic! You should play again! I bet you would be amazing. You shouldn’t let something like that stop you if you really like playing. I think if you payed attention, you would see that you do still inspire people. I mean, there are a bunch of things I do because you do them! You’re rubbing off on me. 🙂 just do what you and love what you do! I quote Life Is Good

    • Meh. I tried before, but my hands were so tight! It kind of hurts my hands to play because they get really sore and tingly afterwards :/
      But you’re such a lovely person yourself 🙂
      Actually, no I have no idea what you mean when you say that there are a bunch of things you do because I do them, haha. (Unless you’re talking about Disney music ;))
      “Life doesn’t stop for anybody”–the perks

  2. You inspired me to keep writing when I was newer to the forums that we both go on, because I was unnoticed but wanted to be a popular writer there like you were (and are).

  3. Well obviously! -because any comment starting with “Well obviously!” is almost as amazing as I am- I get it from my mother – but thank goodness, I didn’t get her evilness.

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