Sincerely Hoping

“And now where am I? I can’t answer you, because everything changes. We all grow old and bad things happen to some of us. And some change for the worse. But some also change for the better. I hope, sincerely hope, that you will change for the better.” Something I stumbled upon from my writing’s […]

Hold On

“I hate my life, hold on to me. And if you ever decide to leave then I’ll go…somewhere with you.” –Somewhere With You, Originally by Kenny Chesney but I must say I prefer Tyler Ward’s version Shout-out to H for any and every reason! Baby, you light up my world like nobody else… (in one direction)

Web of Thoughts

We are all bound together by this spider’s web. We’re stuck here forever more until something happens. We can’t escape it. We’re held captive. But what if something, something… something magical defied this? What if life wasn’t just one path that connected the strands of this web and instead, diverted it into different directions? What if this […]

Dancing Dreams

Those diamond butterflies meander into life, soft whispers drenching the soul. And so we sailors say to the landers to come and joy our merry roll So the landers take baby steps checking the moon for a light And we just laugh, and wonder at their sight. Because sky sailing is always full of wonderment. […]