3 thoughts on “Put Your Records On, Again

  1. Have fun hating me for not hating someone else.
    I’ll miss you, whether you miss me or not.
    Think of me as a bad friend all you like, but who I speak to is up to me, not you, and while I would love to have you as a friend again, I’m incredibly hurt by you at the moment. But I forgive you, because I’m not going to be hateful just because you are to me. Good luck in life. I still love you in a non-awkward way. Hopefully this isn’t goodbye, but if it is, then I’m sorry for offending you, and for apparently not listening to you. Because I don’t want to lose you without apologizing first.

  2. And, even if it’s for the last time, check my blog, please. There’s something for you there – and no, it’s not a hate poem. It’s my last attempt at an apology that’s not through e-mail.

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