Diamond Tears, A Sestina

She tries to hide her tears

Beneath a dress that her crush called “surreal.”

But beneath the moon covered by clouds

And beneath the sky in dots

of stars, she decides to say

that she is sorry.


He wonders why she is sorry.

Two, glistening diamond tears

glide down, hanging onto her chin, so he says

some words that make this gratifyingly surreal.

She wipes her face on a tissue. Her makeup is in dots

in a silly swirl. In the wind, her dress puffs like a cloud.


She wants to believe him, but her head feels in the clouds.

She tries again to say sorry

But her dress sails upward, reaching for the starry dots.

And the sky cries as stars fall like tears.

The clinking of glassware provides her with some surreal

detached emotion.

“Isn’t it cold?” Someone, far off, says.


He wants to make her come back, and wants her to say

something–anything! But they are being watched by the clouds,

noting how each feels, in this small piece of themselves, surreal.

The clouds wait patiently, not willing to murmur sorry

even with falling comets shedding tears

for the pair underneath the expanse of shimmering dots.


She wishes that she could eat a lollipop with dots

of various colors. She wants to just say

the words and be done. But the tears

prevent her. Ever watching, the clouds

wait for her “sorry.”

But they have to wait for a moment less surreal.


And the moment breaks, reality replacing the surreal

thoughts they had. In the atmosphere speckled with sparkling dots

She apologizes and mutters a quick “sorry”

before departing. The vapors murmur amongst themselves and say

“How sad this was” and things in the ways clouds

communicate. And it is all he can do to hide his tears.


He wonders where that surreal moment went. Was it okay to say

that the clouds and dots

in the sky don’t matter? He tries to say sorry but bursts into tears.

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