Dancing Dreams

Those diamond butterflies meander

into life, soft whispers drenching the soul.

And so we sailors say to the landers

to come and joy our merry roll

So the landers take baby steps

checking the moon for a light

And we just laugh, and wonder at their sight.

Because sky sailing is always full of wonderment.

And those–the landers–only see us dreaming away

our lives. And they pity us and say

how much we could have been.

But we don’t see

their little everyday activities.

And we dream

and dream and dream and dream,

of diamond butterflies and purple eyes,

of silver sands and helping hands,

of wintry slopes and endless hopes,

of lavender flowers and golden hours.

And we just dream and dream and dream

and keep wishing

because where would we be

without these wishes and wishers and wishing.

If only you could see.

2 thoughts on “Dancing Dreams

  1. So beautiful sweetie! I actually thought it was a song! You should check out the song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. That is what I thought of when I saw the title.

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