Despite the usual rather blandness this blog has to offer, right now I feel the need to address something.

Today is my mother’s birthday and she went out to buy a cake for herself. My family is not caucasian, but that’s never really been a big deal. She walked into a supermarket and saw a caucasian family consisting of a mother, father, grandmother, and a 3 year old boy buying a cake there as well. She kept her distance, but as soon as the boy saw her, he started making very inappropriate gestures and rude noises in general. His mother tried to hush him and asked, “Why are you doing that?”

This little caucasian boy who was only around 3 years old answered, “Because of the color of her skin.”

All I can say is that I have no words for this situation.

6 thoughts on “Racism

    • I honestly don’t know and think it’s just so incredibly ridiculous of them. A child who does that is not the despicable one–it is the person who has influenced the innocents that is to blame.

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