Plot Twist Time

“Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me. But bear this mind it wasn’t meant to be.” Altered lyrics for One Direction’s song, Little Things

It summarizes a bit of what I’m feeling today in terms of emotion. But it’s been a pretty big day–I climbed (well… attempted to climb) three rock walls.

The first one went a bit like this: “OH DEAR GOD GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!” *cries*

I guess I looked so miserable that some nice freshman told me he wanted to give me a hug, which I thought was very nice. But I declined because it was hot and I was extremely sweaty and really didn’t think he would want to be hugging some sweaty lump of a person.

Second wall: “Um, there are no hand-holds… And my hand is slipping off. OH NO MY HAND IS SLIPPING OFF.”

Third Wall: “Ow my hands, ow my arms, ow my everything. AHHHH I’M FALLING.” The third wall was this angled one so you had to use more arm strength. Unsurprisingly, I have no arm strength. So I started swinging above everyone and screaming that I was going to die.

Plot Twist: I lived.

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