My advising group (no, I do not have trouble with academics. Everyone at my high school has an academic group and an academic advisor.) has a tradition called “Happy/Crappy.” It’s basically where everyone shares one happy thing and one crappy thing about their week/month/year/whatever.

My Happy: I’m going to New York City in two days with my best friend in the galaxy.

My Crappy: Just had a hormone-induced cry because my older brother and Dad are pretty insensitive people. There is this girl who is three years younger than me. She is an immigrant from China, and I’m one of her closer friends while she isn’t that close to me. Anyways, my parents decided to let her stay at our house from 1:30 yesterday afternoon to 4:30 today in the afternoon. I had to cancel a job I had just to pretty much baby-sit her. She’s in one of those snobby teenager phases so everything I did was “awkward” and “weird.” Needless to say, I can’t stand criticism and started to get really angry. Not a loud, shouting angry but a quiet, simmering angry. She constantly asked me to play videogames (because that’s literally the only thing she does when she comes to my house) and kept asking me for seaweed/candy/cake/icecream/etc.  Today my mom took us to a restaurant to kill off an hour and a half because she knew I was annoyed and tired. It was a buffet, and at the end, she asked me to get dessert for her. She didn’t say what she liked even when I asked. So I got a bit of everything for her and a bit of everything for me. After I showed her the half of the plate that had her desserts on it, she just grabbed one of the orange slices I got for her and ignored everything else on the plate. You know, casually wasting all of the other food even though she had been complaining that she was HUNGRY for the past 2 hours. I’m just tired, and then when I mention that her mother/her were going to have dinner with us (despite the fact that she’d been at our house for over 24 hours) my brother/father reprimanded me and told me to “be nice.” Why don’t they just take care of a person younger than them in their teenager phase where everything is “awkward” and pester you to play videogames and for food and then reject it when you give it to them? Please, father/brother, do it and give me tips and suggestions on how not to be angry! The tips would be well appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Happy/Crappy

  1. Aww, thanks, cookie! 🙂 love you too! And that stinks about your friend. Trust me My little brother is the exact same way right now. I know how you feel!

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  2. Awwww, thanks cookie! Love you too! 🙂 and sorry about your bad day, my little brother is acting the exact same way right now. I know how you feel!

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