Flipped Memory

Celeste sauntered on over to the steps of the old, brick building. She absentmindedly touched the pink ribbon in her hair before spotting her good friend, Meghan, already sitting on the steps of the building. They had agreed to meet a little early so they wouldn’t have to enter the building alone later. Celeste sprinted to Meghan and plopped down on the steps right next to her. They exchanged the usual greetings before starting to chat, rant, giggle, and all the other things teenage girls did when talking to each other.

Rain started to fall from the frothy sky. It started with a few patters and soon escalated in magnitude. Drops and drops and drops of water fell with small pats onto the warm steps where the two girls sat. It was the kind of moment that should have been crazy and chaotic with nature unleashing zaps in the background. But for some odd reason, it wasn’t crazy or chaotic. The constant—the rain—splattered the pavement in its ever-romantic symphony with the thunder occasionally overpowering it.

Meghan pulled an apple, a golden delicious, out of her bag. In turn, Celeste wrinkled her nose at the yellow apple.

“Really, Meghan? Golden delicious?” Celeste asked while bringing her hand up again to make sure her ribbon was in place.

“Is there anything wrong with eating an apple?” Meghan countered. She took a large bite out of the so-called “golden” apple which really looked more yellow than gold.

“Those kinds of apples are gross,” Celeste stated as if that were the one true fact of the universe.

“I ever asked for your opinion,” Meghan said. She took another bite towards the literal core of the argument. Celeste just rolled her eyes but didn’t reply.

The downpour continued as Celeste stuck out one toe on her flip-flopped foot. It was immediately drenched, and Celeste gasped in surprise before having her foot retreat to the shelter of the steps. Gusts of air blew the two girls’ hair back and the smell of the sky filled Celeste’s nostrils in a good way.

“Have you ever thought of rain smelling like change or renewal?” Meghan asked softly, not wanting to disturb Celeste in case she was in deep thought. Meghan had finished the apple and threw the core away in the black trashcan right outside the door.

“Rain smells like rain,” Celeste answered. “It’s not change or renewal. It’s rain.”

“And you wonder why you aren’t deep,” Meghan said while giggling. Celeste huffed and crossed her arms just as a large wave of cool air enveloped the two humans that could seem so vastly different at times, but were all in all, humans.

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