Perhaps the greatest tragedy of their relationship was that they wanted so desperately to try. Perhaps the beautiful part was that they thought about each other and wanted to say fluffy phrases to the other but because they knew falling apart was inevitable, they both stopped themselves each time they wanted to say something deeper. […]

Summer Universe

“Look at the stars,” he said softly. The words trickled over her the way raindrops chased each other down a window pane. She turned over in the grass, hearing the dry grass crackle under her like fireworks. “Take him and cut him out in little stars, / And he will make the face of heaven […]


“They’re amazing,” she breathed, her voice just barely reaching his ears much like the way the wind just brushed the tips of the reeds on the bank they used to always walk along. He did not want to answer for fear of shattering this moment of surreal peace and quiet that only existed in stories […]