Enamored Idea

She longed for land. She wanted to feel the ground, cool and sturdy, underneath her sand colored feet and take deep gulps of air. She wanted to love the seagull symphonies and listen to the mighty lion’s roar. She wanted to watch the flowers open their jewel-toned petals with a flourish and see the stars […]

My Life as an Amateur Calligrapher

Hello, wordlings! I’ve always been into calligraphy. But, now for an English project, I get to put my (nonexistent) skills to the test! Please ignore my silly puns. I’ve made a blog to document my project here: tinypapershapes.wordpress.com Please check it out if it pleases you. Arctic Silver

Dancing Dreams

Those diamond butterflies meander into life, soft whispers drenching the soul. And so we sailors say to the landers to come and joy our merry roll So the landers take baby steps checking the moon for a light And we just laugh, and wonder at their sight. Because sky sailing is always full of wonderment. […]

Featherweight Sky

I have trouble writing poetry but decided to try.   Featherweight Sky Subsumed in the universal tide, Her hair flowing and twining in small torisons. Her pinions reach above the frothy waves, chaffing against the salt. The vagrant, his etherized eyes clouded forms an emulsion of crabbed thoughts. Her body rises, a tug from the […]

Bitter Black Winter Upon the Stars

Frost nips at her toes, twining in various patterns that would make any mother proud. But Mother Nature never shows emotion. She passes upon the girl, weaving a few vines around her, protecting her in a womb of life. The girl slumbers on, dreaming of ships and stars. ——————————————————————————— Today in English class we read […]