More or Less

I guess I’ve led others to believe I’m so much more than I really am. Sometimes, I’ll feel like I’m this big thing and I literally have the power to change the world one person at a time. Then, at other times, I’ll realize that I’m this one teenager who is made into something I’m […]

Web of Thoughts

We are all bound together by this spider’s web. We’re stuck here forever more until something happens. We can’t escape it. We’re held captive. But what if something, something… something┬ámagical┬ádefied this? What if life wasn’t just one path that connected the strands of this web and instead, diverted it into different directions? What if this […]

Featherweight Sky

I have trouble writing poetry but decided to try.   Featherweight Sky Subsumed in the universal tide, Her hair flowing and twining in small torisons. Her pinions reach above the frothy waves, chaffing against the salt. The vagrant, his etherized eyes clouded forms an emulsion of crabbed thoughts. Her body rises, a tug from the […]