Secret of the Sea

The first thing she noticed was the water. The shadows were directly underneath each thing, or rather, underneath her since she was the only thing in sight. A sun that would show up as overexposed in cameras made the sand start to sizzle. Her eyes raised towards the sky. It was cloudless and robin’s egg […]

I’m quiet

… or maybe I’m just a dreamer.   Lyrics to Dreams don’t turn to dust by Owl City: Splash down in the silver screenInto a deep dramatic sceneI swim through the theaterOr maybe I’m just a dreamerLike a kite in the bright middayWonder stole my breath awayShy sonata for MercuryThe stars always sing so pretty […]

Crystal Caves

The innumerable caves were twisting, turning passages never ended. Perhaps it was a maze. She kept walking, shuffling through the misty clouds that swirled around her feet. They felt nothing like mist. It looked like an almost liquid mixture of powdered snow and the fluff of the bunny rabbit she had encountered a few passages […]